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Valves in Mining Equipment (Joy, PHM, Dove, Komatsu...)

Mining in any enviroment is diffucult on equipment, underground mining of salt presents even more challenges. When mining the salt using continues mining equipment there is always contamination in the air. It's difficult to prevent this contamination from entering the hydraulic system.

Once the contamination has entered the oil supply chances are it will damage the control valves. Salt damage is not a problem as we have been working with several large salt producers. Repairing the control valves on this equipment can greatly reduce your compaines operating cost.

Some of the equipment we have worked on include Joy, PHM, Dove and Komatsu. Mining equipment maintenance is hard work, let us help you make it a little easier. Instead of scraping your damaged valve let us repair them. Reconditioned spare parts can save time and money.


Husco Valves

Husco valves are one of our top most repaired valves.  Not because Husco makes a bad valve!  We repair more Husco valves than anything else primarily because there are so many husco valves out there.

(Similarly, I'm sure there were more Caterpillar and Komatsu valve failures in the last 12 months than Hitachi valves...  The population of CAT and Komatsu valves is several times that of Hitachi.  We are talking about the number of valve failures, not as a percentage.)

Husco Valve in for Repair

Overview of Husco:

Husco is based in Wisconsin and is a "global leader in the development and manufacture of hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls for off-highway and automotive applications."  They employ about 900 people and are privately owned.

Husco valves can be found in all types of equipment markets including: Construction, Forestry, Mining, Agriculatural, Marine, Military, Utility, and many others.

Husco valves are sold through a network of distributors around the country and the world.

Husco valves can be found in many of the world's top construction and material handling equipment.  This list includes:

• Caterpillar
• Crown
• Daewoo
• Deere
• Heil
• Hyundai
• Jerr-Dan
• Komatsu
• Kubota
• Letourneau
• Liebherr
• Nissan
• Manitex
• Manitowoc Crane
• Shin Cat Mitsubishi
• Terex
• Volvo

If you have a need for repairing, rebuilding, replacement, parts or service for Husco valves, please give us a call at 888-874-6694!


Replacement Springs for Hydraulic Control Valve

Inside almost all hydraulic control valves, there are springs that bring the spools back to their original position.  When these springs are damaged, rusted or worn out, they do not bring the spool back to first position as designed.

To correct this problem, we can do one of 2 things:

Find Replacement Springs:

Hydreco, Husco, Commercial, Cessna, Komastu and other valve manufacturers usually have replacement springs available.  We can help find these for you if we don't have them in stock.

New Springs for Out of Production Valves:

If your valve is no longer supported by the OEM, we can have new springs built for you, as long as there is one good sample or detailed specs available.