Control Valve Rebuild Process:


1. Ship your valve to Akron, Ohio

We'll take good care of it, we promise.  If you mention this website, we will pick up the cost on return shipping.

2. We disassemble the valve

Carefully, of course. Some valves have a lot of parts so we label and organize everything to make sure it goes back together correctly.

3. Evaluate & Hard Quote Repairs

We give you a HARD QUOTE on repairs to approve. This price is locked in and can't change.

4. Repair Valve Spools

The old chrome is removed. We carefully replace with new hard chrome. The spools are micro-grinded to a finish within 0.0005" or better. This is a fraction of the width of a human hair. This is a VERY difficult, labor intensive process that requires highly specialized machinery and experienced machinists.

5. Repair Valve Cartridge or Housing

If the spool cartridges are also damaged, we will hone them with a similar micro-grinding process. Sometimes the spool needs to be rebuilt slightly larger for a perfect metal-on-metal fit with the honed out cartridge.

6. Valve Reassembly and Testing

Your valve is carefully reassembled with new seals. It is repainted and tested.

7. Ship to you with 1 Year, 1500 Hour Warranty

We hope your rebuilt valve gives you years of excellent performance in the field. If something should go wrong in the first year or 1500 hours, we will make it right.