Hydraulic Control Valve Repair

Our process restores like-new tolerances and performance to sluggish or leaking hyraulic control valves.

Rebuilding can save you $1000's versus replacement with new.

We do this by grinding and re-chroming the spools, honing the body then refitting the spools to the body with a micro-grinding process.

Turnaround Time:  2-3 weeks after approval
$800 - $1200 per spool with spool repair
0.0005" or better (we match OEM)
Valves go through at least 1 hour of testing before shipout
  All repairs are hard quoted after disassembly
1500 machine hours or one year

Please let us know how we can help by calling 888-874-6694 or using the contact form to send us a quick email.

Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business!

Types of Valves:

This process works well on any hydraulic control valve with damaged spools.  We are familiar with all major valve manufacturers including Hydreco, Husco, Commercial, Cessna, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Gresen and others. 

We also Repair Press Brake Valves off of machines such as Cincincinnati Press Brake, Niagra Press Brake, Atlantic Press Brake, Wysong Press Brake, Chicago Dries Krump Press Brake, Amada Press Brake, Pacific Press Brake, Accupress Press Brake.

About Akron Hydraulic:

Akron Hydraulic is a full service hydraulic repair facility located in Akron, Ohio.  We've been helping industrial, construction, mining, drilling, manufacturing and material handling companies get equipment back to work since 1929.  Akron Hydraulic has been under current ownership since 1983 and is a sister company to QT Equipment, an IMT distributor serving Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Florida and beyond.